The android game has started lately but grown faster than other devices. The android game has risen its value. As it is easy to carry and can play whatever and where ever you want. Nowadays android games are of high graphics and animation which makes people be fond of it.

Best online multiplayer games for android

There are some great android games in the play store which provide a lot of fun and entertainment. Many people feel bore when they play the game alone. People used to play offline games in a single-player mode.

Now as time changed people start to join online games. In the context of 2020 online multiplayer games are the craziest games of ever. Here you will get the top 10 best online multiplayer games for android in 2020. Besides that, you will get short detail and download links for android.

    Player Unknown battleground (PUBG)

    Pubg is one of the favorite games for people who love to play battle games. It is the popular game of this year which is played by many people. If you play a battle game then you will like to play Pubg game.

    It is a battle game where people have to survive for the chicken dinner. In-game you have to jump from a parachute on an island. You have to search for the enemy and to be the last man standing. As the zone shrinks all energy gets closer and closer.

    You can use a different weapon in-game at any place. You will also get a throwable grenade, smoke. The game has different maps like Erangle, Vikendi,sanhok, and Miramar. It also has a different mode like Arcade, Classic, and Traning mode.

    You need to search the medicine to restore your health. You can play solo, duo, squad according to your wise. Here you can team up with your friend can enjoy your match. It is one of the best android games in 2020. 

    Here you can set up your own control and graphics settings. As the animation gives you different vibes when you start to play games.

    Pubg gets a 4.0 rating where 100M+ users already download Pubg mobile. The minimum requirement to play pubg mobile at android are:


    Storage:2 GB(It increase when you download internal map and resources)

    Android: Above 5.1.1

    Rating: 4.0

    Download: 100 M+

    Price: Free

     If your device does not meet the requirement then you can play Pubg lite. You can check out the game in android.

    Click here to download Pubg mobile: Pubg Mobile

    Free Fire

    Free fire is also a battle royal android game that allows users to fight against each other to be a winner. It is one of the best ultimate survival shooter games available on mobile.

    You will place on an island where you have to fight against 49 players in 10 minutes. Players are free to choose their locations and weapons. It also has the zone which contracts with time and engages the fight against players.

    You can chat and voice chat with your teammates. It is one of the realistic games where you will get different clothes and skin of weapon. You can play in different modes as your desire. As we play more, more skills will be developed.


    Storage: 571 MB

    Rating: 4.1


    Price: Free

    If you want to play and enjoy this game

    Click here to download: Free fire

    Asphalt 9:Legends

    If you like to play the racing game then asphalt 9 will be the best choice for you. Due to the animation of racing, it became popular among the youngsters.

    Asphalt 9 is a car racing game with high graphics. You can play the race online with a friend and with random players. There are different design and model of the car which will unlock after you complete mission in it.

    It is a modified version of asphalt 8 with high graphics and animation. You can modify the car color according to your wish. When you start to play the game you will remember the Hollywood racing movie.

    As the best part of this game are the high HDR cool technique and stunning effect. It makes the gameplay more realistic and the player never feels bore while playing this game.


    Storage: 2 GB

    Rating: 4.5


    Price: Free

    Click here to download: Asphalt 9


    Minecraft is a popular game among people. You will be left in an open hall then you have to create different buildings and structures. There are different modes in game-like survival, realms, and creative. There are different tools that help the player to build the structure.

    You can play online with your friend on android. In creative mode, you can create your own world. Here you will not die at any cost. If you want multiplayer in-game survival mode is for you. In realms mode, you can play with 10 different friends.

    If you like to play a creative game then Minecraft will be the best android game. Although it is not free of cost. It cost around $7.49 dollar.


    Storage: 91 MB

    Rating: 4.6

    Download: 10 M+

    Price: $ 7.49

    Click here to download: Minecraft

    eFootball PES 2020

    PES is a football game where you can play with multiplayer as well as with artificial intelligence. If you like to play a football game this PES 20220 is a game for you.

    This game series already won the" best sport award" in 2019. Game is too much realistic with copy animation of a football player. There is your favorite real football player. You can choose your own team.

    Besides, that animated ground and commentary make the game more realistic. If you start to play game then you will never leave until you complete match.


    Storage: 1.7 GB

    Rating: 4.2 

    Download: 50M+

    Price: Free

    Click here to download: eFootball PES

    These are the Top 5 best online multiplayer game for android in 2020. There are other different online games to play with friends.


    Here you have got the top 5 best android game of 2020. You can enjoy online games playing with friends. With the development of android phones, the development of android games has risen its peak.

    You may confuse which game would be best to entertain with friends playing games. Android is portable so you can carry and play wherever you want. I personally like to play an android battle game.

    Give your feedback in the comment section on which game is best in 2020.

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